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Test Bench to Calibrate Gas Lift Valves

Test bench for calibration of 1 ½" and 1" gas lift valves including doughnut adaptor and tool kit, complete with 10" diameter pressure gauge with Parallax mirror dial and knife edge pointer, manometer and gas lift valve nozzle with choke for measure of leakage in the gas lift valves as per API- 11 V specification. Part Nº 00-TB-932 for complete assembly including tools.

Tools included are:

Head lifter, de-airing tool, tru-arc pliers, fiber hammer, dill valve extractor, two long drive pin punches, seat positioner, check valve extractor, set Allen wrenches, 1/2 liter of special silicone bellows fluids, Parmalee wrench # 2 (handle and girth) suitable for 1 ½" nominal o.d. gas lift valve. Paramalee wrench # 1 (handle and girth) suitable for 1" nominal OD gas lift valve.

Battery Charger for Electronic Time Cycle Controller

BOT Battery Charger for 6 Volt rechargeable battery on TE time cycle controller:

  • 220 volts AC/6 volts DC. Part Nº 00-BC-922.
  • 110 volts AC/6 volts DC. Part Nº 00-BC-911.



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